Supplying Artwork

It’s no secret that for great print you’ll need to supply well-prepped artwork. Like most print companies, we will need you to supply us with print ready artwork, to the correct specification. If you would like us to prep the artwork for you, we can do this at an additional fee.

Please supply your artwork as PDF files

We require all our artwork to be supplied in high resolution (300dpi) with the following spec:

  • Resolution – highest possible
  • Compression Settings – 300dpi with “auto compression” set on high
  • Font Embedding – Should be set to “embed all fonts”
  • Crop marks
  • Minimum of 3mm bleed

Colour needs to be set as CMYK not RGB (RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK and this could affect your colours).

Microsoft Documents

We cannot use the Microsoft formats for printing. This includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Publisher
  • Works

Below is a website that converts any of the above files into a printable PDF, it is easy-to-use and will do it for you online. Furthermore, it’s completely free!

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