At Printbird, we are passionate about the impact that print has on the environment. This starts at the beginning of the design and print process, discussing print options and volumes with you to help you assess the materials that will help you achieve the best results for each project.

Getting the brief right is key to pleasing you, minimising wastage and eliminating the risk of a reprint.

Our experience and background in marketing and design has helped our team to develop valuable knowledge on the print process.

Sustainability – Ink and Paper

Our environmentally friendly, sustainable inks are based upon vegetable oil rather than mineral oil.

  • Bond paper – 100% recycled
  • Kraft paper – 100% recycled
  • Silk/Gloss coated paper – 45-55% recycled (some of the highest percentages in the industry)
  • Pulp paper – 100% recycled

Our commitment to the future 

We are constantly on the lookout for better, more sustainable options of working. From reusing packaging and cycling to the office, to buying recycled paper in bulk in times of shortage, we want to be part of a 100% sustainable print industry in the UK.

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